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This great poem was right on target for the topic. Good job.
Perfect voice for the subject. This is very good on many levels.

Your first sentence set the tone for the mc's voice and the words to follow. Good job!
That first line just grabs ya. You have so many clever phrases and thoughts here. We don't always see the truth about ourselves. :) Great work!
Very enjoyable, although I cringed at the title. But, that is how teens talk today.
Clever writing!
The title is perfect for this great little piece. You did an outstanding job.
Loved this! Great job.
Great ending -- something I would never do! Good job showing that gossip is a temptation for everyone.
I note with approval the lack of capitals - though I do wonder if you forgot with Facebook!
So fun, and so true. I love it when the message is delivered with a smile. Well done!
I, too, cringed at the first line and the title, but otherwise I enjoyed this poem. You gave it a great voice and flow. Good job!
This piece makes your point in a very unique and creative way. The last line nails it. Good job!
Great rhythm and rhythme, along with a powerful message. You did a good job capturing the teen voice too. Well done.
I like the meter in this and the tongue-in-cheek humor. Terrific!
I don't like repeating what OMG stands for, but this sounds just like something an average high-schooler might say. Complete with lack of capitalization of words and sentences. ;)

It might also be good for a rap song ...
Fun, realistic and clever!
Congratulations for placing 14th in this level and 18th overall! Way to go my friend, I so enjoy reading your work:)
I loved it, and let me be the first to say I did not cringe at the title or first line. You are writing a piece from a teenagers mind, this is what they say and do, it's a reflection of the character not you. I know you don't go around saying omg or oh my god. It was a well written piece and I simply loved it!