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This is priceless!! Very funny, very tongue in cheek and creative. Good job!!
A couple of terms I'm not familiar with (porkie pies & barney) but I think I got the meaning from the context. And the humor. :-) Very fun read.
I can totally hear the fellas talkin' here. Had to watch my audible chuckling though, I'm in a library.

I liked this-- wouldn't mind a snippet of scenery (maybe before the dialogue-- other than two guys in togas).

also not really sure how the title ties in but it was still pretty good to my ear. :)
This is hysterical. I loved almost every word. I must say though I did take offense at the disparaging remark made upwards Barney! Even though my youngest is 16 I've been known to watch an episode or two ! Seriously though this was excellent!
Rollicking good yarn here, old son. The odd pun doesn't go astray either, though is your prophetic mention of gunpowder a device to illustrate the "rifle-ry" among those wanting to be the pope?
Would love to see this acted out. Great job!
As a lover of creativity, including puns, I was charmed. I kept wondering what they'd say next. I think my favorite line was, "I think they said four."
Some real gossiping going on in this piece. Very lively and unique dialogue. A fast, well paced read. No doubt nailed the topic.
Very cleverly written!
Enjoyed it right down to your comment about Barney at the end! Good job!
This me laughing out loud in a very quiet library this morning:
:()hahahaha. Loved it.
A real tickler! Loved the comparison between "pies and whoppers." I wonder what Rocky will say when you guys finally hook up:-)
I enjoyed this, especially the references to Shakespeare and Galatians. :) I've always wondered how Peter felt about that little incident.
Saint Peter and the Popettes :) Too, too funny and way creative!
I want to put this on stage. I LOVED all the puns and creativity. Well done!
Congratulations on your EC! This is one of my all-time favorites.
Truly a delight to read! (Is this why we love "Gossip/Rumors" so much? :)
Congratulations on EC. Great job once again!!!!
Hey Gregory, I'm glad the judges loved the story, too!
Congrats on your EC, Gregory. This is a delightfully different read - so very clever!