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Oh, this is wonderful. I love the concept and the dual story you pulled off. Your talent shone through. A few lines near the beginning seemed a bit rough to me, but well done overall - as always.
Ohhh, I thought for a minute you were going to leave us hanging, but then you filled in so much in just a couple of sentences. Great story! I never really thought about that job before, but it must be pretting interesting sometimes.
I agree that a thrift store sorter would be a great job!

I felt a bit lost at the ending; I understand the concept but can't quite figure out when it happened.

Love the inter- communications between reading of the letters.
I enjoyed this immensely. I felt like I was right there sifting through it with the characters
Great energy and passion. Very well written. I liked the ending because I hate being hit over the head with it. Very enjoyable and rewarding. There must be thousands of stories in thrift shops and the like. If they could only speak, hmmm.
God bless.
Oh, this gave me goosebumps! I LOVE the ending. (And I think I'd love that job too.)
A wonderful story that speaks to the romantic in every reader. Beautiful job.
So creative. Loved the unique twist to this love story. Great writing, intriguing from beginning to the end.
Speaking of boxes...this one was out of the box. Likable characters, good dialogue. Great ending. Well done!
Ooh - goosebumps! I loved this - great writing throughout the whole thing!
Oh, what a story! I was spellbound from beginning to end. I love the way you bookend this with your MC's thoughts of her mundane (but loveable) job.
Too short! I want more details. ;) The mark of a good writer, I suppose....