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I don't usually admit to tears, but this really moved me. Excellent story, masterfully told. This gets my double-way-kool award for creativity too. I'm glad your ending blew me away and not your mc. I'm keeping this story. Well done. And yes, grandmommy's are special as is the heart of this writer; very tender and true.
I loved the ending - perfect last line. The whole story just drew me in without my being aware of how you did it, which is a mark of an exceptional writer in my book. Well done.
oooo What I like about this is the line that caught my attention and settled in my mind as I read was exactly the right line: Ive been saving that, too, I guess.

It was the perfect set up for your last two sentences. THAT, my friend, is purposefully subtle writing that is a true skill/gift.
A very unexpected direction and very well written. Great job.
This is a powerful story. There's something about some Grandmas who just seem to get it. Teen suicide is once again on the rise. Your story has a great message and is well done.

My only red ink is little but very rarely do female teens use a gun to commit suicide.

But the message of your story is wonderful and is well written and left me holding my breath.
Your story is really excellent--bringing the character to life through her thoughts and her letter. I love the hope in the ending.
Well written. I did want to know what prompted her hopelessness, and how she became familiar enough with a pistol to use it, if her father didn't teach her. But, those are minor details.
I wasn't prepared for the ending - which actually turned out to be a beginning. God always shows up on time and has His resources in place. Your story is a powerful illustration of that truth. Great job.
Good story. I also want to know what was going on with the MC.

Is this based on a true story?
The ending really surprised me. I'm glad the Lord can her a chance for new life. Thanks for a great story. :)
wow...that kept me guessing til the end and I never guessed that ending! Great story, kept me intrigued all the way through.
A very sad story with an ending that promises to make a difference. Enjoy the reading thoroughly. Excellent work!
Just wanted to congratulate you on our 1st place BC today. Bill's Choice.
I thought this was outstanding. Sincerely OUTSTANDING. I loved it.
God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations for placing 9th in level 4 and 15th overall!