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This is beautiful. I, too, was given a child with numerous physical and mental handicaps. Communication has been one of those hurdles we've had to mount. 14 yrs later things are still lagging and not what they ought to be, but we've come a long way. I so clearly remember the joy we felt when our little guy said his first word...strung together two words...said, "I love you" for the first time. So, I can certainly identify the joy you clearly express here with the bit of encouragement you had from your Addie Grace.

In many ways, I consider myself to be my son's "voice" in some of my writing since he is unable to express himself clearly. May you be Addie Grace's voice.
Thanks for the reminder that we don't always need words to communicate feelings. I think God chooses special parents for His special children.
This is such a special story. I have a cousin with a similar problem. She was quite old before she spoke. But now she us well into her 30s. She will never read and although she does talk it's difficult to understand her. But her heart is so pure and full of love. Thank you for sharing Addie Grace with me. I, too, am sending her a high-five through the air!
Congratulations for placing 12th in level 4 and 19th overall!