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Very creative! I like how you began with new life on earth and ended with thoughts of a new life in heaven.
I really enjoyed this conversation with God, begin ning in the womb with adventure of earth ahead and ending with old age and adventure of heaven ahead. Great poetic description.
Wonderfully creative story poem that I thoroughly and completely enjoyed! Great job.
The most private of conversations. I enjoyed this fresh take on the topic. It is warm and holds a world of truth. Makes the reader think. Good job.

Simply beautiful. I really enjoyed every word you have a great deal of talent.
This really touched my heart - so beautiful - so rhythmic, so profound!
Great thoughts! I often think death is much like birth...a beautiful thing!
I didn't realize at first that two people were talking in this poem, but when I did it helped make things more clear. I love how you wrote this, and how long you made the rhyming lines. You had some very clear descriptions here as well. Good job!
Humbly asked, boldly answered beautifully expressed.
So charming and lovely. Enjoyed your conversation very much. Shalom :)
Very creative and charming piece. I enjoyed it very much.
Enjoyed the story behind you enjoyable poem. I suppose when we get to that stage of meeting the Master it will be like facing a new birth.
I really enjoyed reading your piece. It was a breath of fresh air in to be reminded of the 'big picture' and how short our time here on earth is. Great descriptions and rythm in your writing!
I haven't been in contact much lately. I didn't know of this entry. But it was well worth the wait. How very unique! It was great hearing the story of this man from womb to the end of the road...You have such an active and wonderful imagination. You are an inspiration and a blessing. I can't figure out why this entry didn't win a place amongst the WINNERS. Who but you could have come up with something SO different?...Blessings...Helen
You are a master poet (or is that poetess?), for sure. You make it look so easy. Loved it.