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Very descriptive writing - I felt very drawn into the setting. Good job!
I wanted this story to continue!! That's the best compliment I could give for a great story. You brilliantly captured the vernacular, and made Uncle Red authentic.
Your descriptive characters made this story come alive. I felt like I was observing the scenes as they unfolded. Great job.
Wonderful story telling ability here. You brought out the characters so well throughb dialogue and description and showed a great deal with Grandpa's final remark.
Uncle Red gave me wicked chills. I'm glad that Dad and Grandpa came back in time. Your description of the chewing actually made me close my eyes and shiver! Excellent story.
Descriptive and powerful writing. You wrapped me into the story and told a lot within the word limit. Well done.
As they might say in the Kentucky mtns., I could see him, smell him and in the end have empathy for him. Great writing.
I kept waiting for something "bad" to happen. Made me wonder what the uncle had been through.
I love your descriptions. I felt like I was right there, even to the point where I jumped every time Red spit. lol
Very substantial story telling - gripping and engaging!
Excellent characters and dialogue - they felt incredibly real to me!
Great character development and dialogue!
You are a master at creating a setting for your characters to live in! And your characters have so much depth. Excellent!
You've always been so good at dialogue and setting (not to mention story telling) and this was no exception. I felt I was seeing/feeling everything.
Great job on the EC!!!
Woo Hoo! What a great story!
Congratulations, Dee. I love this story!
Dee, Congratulations on your Editor's Choice ribbon!
Dee, A very clever title and a story I had to tell others about. Congrats on your ribbon. I am extremely happy for you; and impressed!
I cringed when he spat. I could picture myself being the young girl grossed out by this nasty scene. And the sudden empathy for the man that disgusted her...well done. congratulations.
Wow, such a great atmosphere. Congrats!
Loved the "flavor" of your entry. I was right there in the middle of all of it. You really sucked me in. Great writing and congratulations!