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Good for Dana - so glad he made the right decision in the end! I think this is common in Christianity to believe that it's ok to fudge on truth and righteousness if, by doing so, we are furthering God's work.

I'm SO glad he changed his mind! I was tickled at the part where he was trying to convince God how right his decision was. :) Good story!
When we wrestle with our conscience, we should see a red flag. So glad this ended on the right side of integrity. Good job.
Ooohh this was an exciting read. I was willing the pastor to do the right thing. Great writing!
I agree-this was an exciting read. A winner!
I like your story. Temptation is real to all, even to members of the clergy. Dana's struggle emphasizes that if it is God's will, then we won't need to wrestle him over our intentions.
Indeed, God is not into bargaining - but thank goodness He's allowed a few waiting Anna's in our lives. I liked the way you were able to tie the title into the closing paragraphs - so appropriate to your message and theme of this week's challenge.
I love your premise here - great, believable story and good characters. The POV switches were a little confusing - consider going deeper with one rather than jumping around. Good work.
I'm glad Dana made the right decision. I liked how he tried to convince God of his wisdom. I did find it a little unsettling when the Point of View switched. Other than that, a well told tale.
Congratulations for placing 25th overall!
A spiritual reality check here. Very well done.