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I like the white space between the sentences. It made what you have to say deliberate and important.

Sad story - I hope the MC finds the courage to leave the trappings of her home and social life to escape her abuser.

Very good use of the topic. I enjoyed this, despite the sad ending.
The masks people wear to appease others is so sad. This short but strong piece left me hoping that the MC would find inner strength for happier days ahead.
This is such a sad, short glimpse into the lives of far too many people. Good job packing so much emotion in so few words.
I could tell by the guest's reaction-"they smiled back" that they knew.

Powerful stuff. Great job.
wow! I echo... lots of emotions in few words. I almost feel like it needs a selah at the end! How very lonely and almost hopeless feeling for her I would think.
Oh, so sad.

The ending seemed a bit sudden, but I'm pretty sure you meant it that way.

You portrayed a story that is too often reality. Nice job in tackling this though subject.
Good job bringing attention to the secret violence that invades some relationships. The story is well-written and it made me want to pray for your main character.
Wow! This concise tale says all it needs to, and says it well.
Wow, the sparse style is impeccably done here. Excellent!
You packed a lot into this short story. I felt your MC's pain. I was not sure how it would end, but I felt like it would be bruises or she was grieving the death of her husband. Good job drawing in the reader. Thanks!
Your title really captured the theme of your tale. Nicely understated. One little quibble: I think you meant to say complimentary without the 'e'
Wonderful job with understatement. To the reader there was power behind what was not being said; a tone of not is all as it seems. And then, the conclusion says it all, filling in all the blanks.
I said "Wow" before I read the other comments. You give O Henry real competition!
Little is much when written the right way. You did it!
Just one observation. Brevity gave me little opportunity to see more of the inner self of the main character. Still, very impressive.
P.S. I LOVE your title!
You packed a lot into a very small space. Nice writing!
Congratulations for placing 24th overall!