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Shades of Masterpiece Theater... I enjoyed this very much. You very clearly laid out the setting and I could see the two men in the study, feel the dampness in the air, and hear the clink of their glasses. The message was very good, too.

Excellent writing!
Your words painted the scene in my mind so I could see the flickering flames, feel the chill, hear the disappointment in Phil's voice and the quietness in his uncle's. In other words, this story came alive to this reader. A+++!
You really brought this scene alive with your descriptions, and the characters with snappy dialogue. A very enjoyable read with a wonderfully delivered message.
I was shivering and drawing nearer to the fire as I eavesdropped on this conversation between uncle and nephew. Excellent dialog! And the descriptions and all-around writing are stunning.
I enjoyed this honest and forthright talk between the older, wise uncle and his distraught nephew.
I felt like I was reading one of those historical romance novels that I enjoy reading.

I felt and saw everything you described.

This is definately a masterpiece!
I loved the richness of your vocabulary
I loved this conversation. Well crafted. There is a delicate balance in historical fiction when it comes to dialogue, and I tend to lean more toward the suggestion than the heavy dose, but that's personal preference on my part. Nicely done.
This is a wonderful piece of historical fiction.

The only thing that distracted me was when Charles hands the glass to his cousin. Perhaps you meant nephew?
I want to hear more. I could see a novel coming from this and definitely would want to be one of your readers. Excellent!
Congratulations on your EC!
Ahhh, sigh.

Loren Thomas with a pen (keyboard) = Sublime. :)

Just lovely writing. Incredible atmosphere! always. Superb dialogue.

Ah, this is wonderful! I love the atmosphere here, it reminds me of the medieval literature I'm reading this week. So very well done!

Congrats on your EC! ^_^
Congratulations, Loren, on EC for this truly masterful story. I LOVED it!