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A powerful testimony of what God can accomplish in our lives when we invite Him in. I liked the non-threatening character of Melissa and the strength of her love for her sister.
This is a beautiful testament to what God's love can do.
You did it again. Made me cry. Stop that! No, on second thought... keep it up! Good writing.
Wow! I am truly in awe! I love the part where Melissa tells Katie that her scars are reminders of God's grace. So eloquent and powerful! And then the end where we get two surprises from the pair ... wow! I'll take that "supernatural high" any time. ;)

I have no red ink to offer other than a teensy weensy spot at the end where Katie says "use to." I'm thinking that "used to" is more proper but I could be wrong.
*scatters gold box cheer* ;)
I liked this a lot. It was well written, and had a very important message. The ending was great, too. Don't worry about whether it's any better or worse than your other stories. It's important for what it is: a testimony to God's grace. Thank you!
Sarah, what I am drawn to in this piece is the emotional maturity of the writer. You. This is an adult piece with raw emotions and an ugly all-too-human subject. Very current.
You offered God's grace to the reader through the characters. How special!

A superb demonstration of "drawing" someone to Christ. Your analogy of the scars is priceless. This story shines.
Sarah, this is a shining example of why you truly belong in Masters. Your stories are honest, wonderfully crafted, and always contain an emotional and spiritual gold nugget. Wonderful! My favorite story this week.
Where to begin? The story flowed well. Good dialog. Loved the characters. I enjoyed that your details were spaced out in your story. Kept it interesting! My favorite detail would be that the two women were sisters. My favorite part of the story was the testimony at the endit was an excellent and satisfying way to end. Great job overall!
Congratulations for placing in the top 40 overall.
Congrats on placing in the top 40, Sarah! :D This was really a great story. ;)