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Hmmm-I thought the lamb was being given as a sacrifice and that maybe the priest was teaching a lesson to the dad on how we are to give our best to God--thought it was going to end happy as the little boy would get the lamb back--but now I'm confused by your ending.
I, too, found the ending confusing, but I liked the emotions you infused in this piece.
I think I get it, and what you wanted to convey: a very powerful twist at the end. I too was a little confused, but figure that you wanted us to believe it was not a Jewish sacrifice. It probably needed a wee bit more background withoout giving away the surprise, so we know if it is about a pagan god afterall.

I loved your writing style, fluid, crisp, and easy on my eyes to read.
Wow I didn't see that one coming at all. You told the tale with great skill. Again I say wow!
I just read the other comments and wanted to say the ending was too clear gor me. But back in those days families couldn't afford a child who couldn't pill his weight. You did a brilliant job with this. But I could see it becoming an YA novel.
A beautiful picture of a father giving his child to the Lord. I was especially touched by the father placing his hands on the boy's shoulders and praying. This to me is a parallel of a parent who realizes there is nothing else they can do but pray and put their child in God's hands. Good job.