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I could almost smell those chickens.
A good fable showing the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.
What a fun tale and an age old message too. You did a great job with the topic and the story.
Interesting idea. From chickens to pigs. There always is something worse (though if she does decide to marry him, she'll have to learn to put up with pigs). Good job!
What a creative entry! I enjoyed this well-written tale. Great job!
Ah yes, I've smelled both of these wrinkle-your-nose scents! I enjoyed this fun tale with its romantic twist. :-)
This is great I laughed several times at the visions you placed in my mind. I knew when she smelled the pig smell, the chickens wouldn't seem so bad. life is a lot like that. I've had people tell me they could never live with my pain, and I think I could never live with whatever burden they have. it's a great lesson, about God knowing just what we can handle.
The setting is vividly written. Your use of present tense works well in leaving the reader to imagine the future.
I had to look up saltarelli to be sure.
Interesting tale.

Kiss a frog and get a prince -- I'm just thinking where this story could go with chickens and pigs. Delightful and well written.
I love your fanciful story with its wonderful descriptions. Excellent writing.
It's great! I have plucked many a chicken. I could really identify with MC. We all long for something different. Thank You.
I enjoyed reading this. Your descriptions are very good. I wasn't sure where the story was headed, but it made me smile when you weaved in the love story. Good job!
Aww! You had me captivated with humor and then you surprised me by sweet and simple romance! *Sigh* When the end came around I loved the story more than when I began it. I do hope they run away together and start a less smelly occupation!
Oh, this is wonderful. Love the message and the writing was just beautifully presented. Very strong narrative voice.
Well done. This whole story could be used as an analogy for life, for sure.
Congrats on your winnings! I really enjoyed this piece. :)
Vivid descriptions, good job and congratulations.
Hilarious, and I learned a lot.
Sandy, you absolutely amaze me with your creative take on topics. This is a great story with word pictures in every paragraph. Well done, my friend, and congratulations on your EC placement.
What a fun story. I love your word choices and the way you put us in the setting with subtle clues.