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Because of political leadership today, this is all too scary. . . .and I pray.
You created tension in your story and hooked into an all too possible world. I would like to think it's not possible but history tells us otherwise.
This is a gripping and chilling story.
Interesting idea. It won't happen if God's church will pray.
Unfortunately, if we are not diligent as Christians, I can see this happening. Nicely done.
Well told and chillingly accurate if our current government is left unchallenged! I thank God for the hope still left, for Christians to wake up and participate in our November Elections!
I definitely felt the tension in the story- especially since you did a good job of implying current political issues.
I've thought about something like this happening so many times as I've read what's going on in our government today. We Christians should definitely fight against it with our prayers and discerning action. Deja Vu of Nazi Germany would be far too dreadful to repeat.

Ya know, you should write a novel or short story expanding on this idea. Maybe it would rouse some people's minds to the truth and the potential of what could happen. I'd read it!
I loved the added tension of the personal feeling of danger since your MC was in a wheelchair. Great premise, well executed.
Timely, the mark of a good writer.
Yes, it's very believable. Our world is becoming a very selfish and cold one as we Christians cool to lukewarm.
Good take on the topic.

This was excellently done. The tension was palpable, particularly because your MC was in peril. Definitely timely, and a very strong and urgent warning to all of us to claim our victory over "principalities and powers" through Christ!