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You have teased out a very believable account of Moses' mother's feelings as she feeds her child. You maintain tension as she tries not to let slip who the real mother is.
Ohhhh, well done. I love historical fiction and this one was told masterfully. The ending may have been a tiny bit weak, but I hope this one places in the EC.
This was written so realistically as you described the tense and emotional moments Moses' birth mother had to endure. Her feelings were felt by me. Good work.
I really loved the way you brought the emotions out and made us feel what Moses' mother was feeling.
This is done expertly. I could feel the roughness of the material and the ache of the heart.
Oh yes, very well written. Excellent atmosphere, character description, dialog. I was right there sharing Moses's mom's pain and pleasure. I had to say "mom" because it seemed such a tender relationship between mom and babe. You nailed this.
I love the view of what very truly "may have been." Excellent storytelling, bringing out the longing of Jochabed's heart.
Loved both the emotional and physical ambiance of this as it unfolded into what felt more like a movie than a written account.
Good job, Rachel. Descriptions were very realistic, nice showing, and emotions.
How right they both were! I loved the contrast here between the two women and how they are connected in such an amazing way.

Incredible writing as always!
You really brought these women to life for me. Excellent job! Congratulations on your EC!!
Oooh, nice! I like the contrasting personalities and how it must have felt for his mother to watch another woman singing of different gods and cuddling HER baby when he cried. Good job--and congrats! ^_^
Oh good, I'm glad this one placed! Congrats, Rachel!
History through Rachel Phelp's eyes...always a treat. Congrats on the EC.
Beautifully written Rachael. Congratulations.

I LOVED this. A truly nurturing, satisfying read and a marvellous take on the topic.

Well done, my friend.