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Skillfully written--you took this reader right into the scene. Great dialogue! However I am left questioning why this intruder had to hold the woman at knife point (her expert hearing ability plus being in a nightshirt gave me the sense that he woke her up to do so), if all he wanted was to take her car? Poor planning on his part? It's going to bug me all day. LOL! Other than that, good job!
He had already stolen the's what he had been in jail for before he broke into the blind woman's house.
Nice job on creating desperation, cynicism, intrigue, and using the connection of prayer to diffuse the tense situation. A nice ending "touch" would have been to have her reaching out with her hand to take his before they finished the prayer together... Great job on the Spanish, btw!! :)
I used to make up stories just like this when I was little and got scared of a bump in the night. Good job and nice twist that she was blind.
OOHH this is filled with suspense and inner turmoil. I devoured and loved every word.
This is wonderful. The tension, the characters, the dialogue. Really, really great.
This was an excellent read. I was captured immediately and touched at the end.
I couldn't stop reading until I reached the end. Great use of dialogue and description. I felt goosebumps, not knowing what the captor had in mind and how graphic you might have to be with it.
Now that is what I call a great hook. And a strong message at the end - well done.