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Delightful and on topic. You awakened wonderful memories.
I thoroughly enjoyed this picuresque poem which describes perfectly the antics of little boys. Nice flow and rhymne in this piece.
I'm smilin'.
I felt the sweetly warm sun on my face, smelled little-boy sweat and heard boyish voices giggle and squeal. You did it for me with this wonderful poem. I was there.
Wonderfully written, this flowed like the waters that these little scamps would jump in.
I loved your descriptions and the meter and rhythym was right on.
I reflected on my own childhood when I spent many a day hanging out with my best friend's brothers and neighbors. Being a tom girl I was usually the first one up the tree.:0)
Just loved this sunny blue skied piece. Thanks for serving up such a slice of memories.Blessings!
Delightful. Nice flow, easy to read. As the mother of three boys, I can certainly relate to this.
I would love to see this made into a book. The images are so vivid! Everything in this is perfect!!
Having had two sons, I can testify that your premise is correct! Boys and summer go together like peanut butter goes with jelly! Though I was a girl, I spent my childhood summers following my male cousins around, doing everything they did. I hope you're lining up a good illustrator because your book is begging to be put together using all these wonderful poems that have become your signature. And I'll order several right off the bat. Wonderful poem, my friend, just like all the others you've written.
I love this - even on a damp English summer day I could feel and taste the enjoyment of those barefoot boys! Just great!
This was so care-free. Although I'm not a boy, I agree that the summer is the best time for bare feet. It brought back many memories.