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You, my friend, are a MASTER with names! LOL! "Didi Reelydoit! And ya gotta just love farmer, Russell Sprout! and the rest! What a riot! You kept me guessing in this. :) I totally enjoyed your story and the end with the brothers "sowing seeds." Wonderful writing!
Great story, kept me interested all the way through. Had to be some way that they were not stealing. Love it when people come up with something a little left field.
This was well done. I so enjoyed how the lawyer showed the boys' innocence. I could see everything clearly in my mind's eye.
Love this story! Good writing. Very clever:)
Awesome! I love your word play with the names. Great!
Definitely entertaining, clever and fun!
Wow... this was super creative! Very fun to read. I had to read it again to catch all the play on the names.
My coffee spurted through my nose when I read "Guilty Azell"! LOL How fun! I loved every word of it!
Do you know what part I enjoyed the most about this story, besides all of it of course? It was imagining you at the computer writing this, chuckling, even letting out a few snorts as well. You must have had the best time writing this story. And the fun doesn't stop get to imagine us reading your story, chuckling, even letting out a few snorts as well. This was just plain FUN!
As a lover of words, I found this pure delight--so clever--a winner for me!
I laughed at Russell Sprout, then I realized you have a talent with creative names. I couldn't wait until I came across another name in this one. Good job!
Very interesting read! We reap what we sow, and that's not stealing, even if it is planted in borrowed ground. Glad the way the story ended with both still sowing seeds.
Congratulations on your EC---so well deserved!
Mona... super congrats on your level placing and Editor's Choice with this wonderfully entertaining story!
Well done, very orginal, and so much fun! Congratulations.