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LOL! Love your ending AND the title! :) I had to smile at "She never sweats when she cleans" and the talk about the perfect mother-in-law. :) Great story!
I liked the story and get the situation where young wives are confused and struggle to please.
I thought it a bit weak on topic. Or maybe I just didn't 'see' it.

Oh, I'm glad my hubby loves me just the way I am!
Great story!
It was a great story and no one can live up to those old TV shows, even back when they were new shows, they created an impossible level to achieve. I love how Carl brought out her spunkiness.
You mean you aren't supposed to vaccum in high heels???

Glad it was her putting the pressure on herself and not him. Great writing!
A pleasant and amusing love story. He must be mad putting her off making choc puds - and doubly daft for not trying to be on time for Mrs. Sassy's lovely welcome home.
Delightful story. I enjoyed it all the way through.
The idea of plopping on the couch in sweats and eating in front of the TV seems so much more real and natural and bonding than the fancy dinner. So glad my husband is like Carl in that respect. Fun story!
I read once that President and Mrs. Eisenhower were happiest when they had dinner on TV trays in casual, even sloppy clothes, watching the news or their favorite programs. So Carl is right--that too much of a good thing is.....too much of a good thing. A delightful story,no kidding!
Ummm...ugh, you did such a great job writing this, I saw myself! :)

This is such a great reminder not to compare ourselves to those "fictional wives" and reiterated how most men, want down to earth.
Cute story!
I could really relate to this since I spent years waiting for my husband to come home for dinners (although, admittedly not in high heels!) It was interesting how your character turned her frustration inwards - blaming herself, due to her low self-esteem, whereas most wives would have turned it on their husbands.

I also loved your fun, cheeky ending. Great writing!
I love your sweet sense of humor - always have.
A great message to all us wives and husbands. Carl's terrific.
Excellent story! I love the humor.The MC's were awesome!! What a great guy that Carl is!
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and in the top 40 overall!