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Great writing! I was scared for him. I actually kind of wanted him to choose to use the poison. Eesh.
Don't think I'd ever apply for this MC's job. I enjoyed the story and was glad his life was spared. . .this time.
Hmmm--taster--not a job I'd apply for. Your suspense is done excellently here, and I like how you left the story for the reader to finish.
Nicely done. Note: the first four paragraphs start with "I". Some variety in paragraph structure is suggested, I think. You story kept my attention and was fun to read.
Two impossible choices: To get murdered or to become a murderer
I so enjoyed the change of pace with this story. I was especially drawn in because I have always felt bad and frightened for those food tasters. My imagination ran the gamut of scenarios of what they must have been thinking during those moments. You put pictures to my thoughts and did such an excellent job doing it!
This was excellent! I, too found myself hoping he chooses to change allegiances.
I love the way that you crafted this story.
This is a great twist on the taster. I like how you named all of the poisons and what they would do. This must have taken quite a bit of research-unless of course you are acquainted with poisons for another reason :)

The ending took me by surprise, I like how you left it open-ended. Great story.
Very well done! Congratulations!
Wow! Excellent and gripping! Congrats, Joan, on your 1st place Editor's Choice award!
Ooooh! I can taste Roderique's fear through your words. Excellently written! A hearty congratulations on first place and your EC!
What an interesting angle and story! Very well done. Congratulations...
Congrats on your well-deserved win. Well done.
My heart was pounding by the time I reached the crafty ending. Which means you did your job as a writer.I loved that he knew his name. perfect. Well done, well paced, great take on the topic. I stand and applaud your first place victory.

Well done. Great writing, kept me wanting more.