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You brought Hagar to life very well with your retelling of this story.
I enjoyed this extension of the Hagar saga very much - Thank you! Colin.
Excellent short on Hagar's life and Ishmael. Just love stories like this that bring the Old Testament to life. Helps us view perhaps a glimpse into the character of God and the quirks of human nature. Shalom
Very well written, good job bringing life to a story we often forget about.
You did a great job telling the story from Hagar's point of view. The bittersweet message is well-heard. :)
You brought new life and meaning to an Old Testament encounter with God. Well done!
The Bible came to life in this story. I never thought about it before this...God heard Ishmaels's cries, not Hagar's. Well done.
I saw this acted out once (this telling of Hagar's story) and it has haunted me ever since. So, I love to hear her story.

I think you did an excellent job. If I were to tweak it, it might be to add more show (there were references to things but not actually showing them- which can be hard in under 750 words).

Nicely done.