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I enjoyed your clear retelling of Jonah's resentment, even after God had rescued him. It's easy to see Jonah's faults, but not so easy to see our own. Your last line is a very effective ending. May we truly listen for God's voice.
You showed the 'hearing is doing' obedience lesson we need to pay heed to. Good writing.

Quite a compelling Jonah retelling. I loved the line, And since death had not come to him—not even then—he had prayed instead for mercy. Great Biblical illustration of the topic, and wonderfully written.
Carol, your last sentence was the punch line that hits each of us. Well written and very gripping.
Oh Jonah - what continuing strong ongoing lessons you continue to teach us. Thank you Carol for portraying some of these lessons with wonderful amazing clarity. There are many lines that really 'hit' me - particularly 'Long before the deadly game ended, he knew what the verdict would be. He could not deny it, nor could he defend himself. He knew what he had done.'
Thank you for truth shared.
I enjoyed your descriptive filling in of this well known Bible story. This type of writing gives a bit more life and colour to the sometimes scant recordings of scripture. Thanks!
Living in a desert area, and having seen some of the loathsome desert creatures... you really put me in the moment with the description of the worm and the plant. Excellent writing, as usual, Carol!
Really enjoy the life you brought to this story, and for me... powerful conviction of a place I never want to be in, in my walk with the Lord.
I've always wondered what Jonah thought as he slid into the huge mouth. Felt doomed, I'm sure. I love this re-telling. It brings the reality of this man--a real person--into view.