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The authentic observations, conversations & introspections in this story helped me to hear & feel the emotion of the narrator. My throat is still choked up & my eyes wet.
This is so beautiful. You've done a wonderful job telling this very touching story.
This is so sad...and at the same time, so comforting. You did an excellent job of telling the story.
You have me in tears. I remember the calls we made after our baby daughter passed. This hit close to home and you told it beautifully. Very touching.
This is terrible writing,and, an awful story,and, way off topic!
What I mean: It's terribly good emotional writing,and, an awfully wonderful story, and, it's way off being off target.
Just thought I would test you half-full gal!
you have two options - what's your glass telling you? Colin
Well done.
It's like I was observing in a corner of the room. I love when that happens!
A heartbreaking story told well.
Very powerful writing. You draw your reader into that almost sacred unknown place - a couple privately grieving the loss of a child - and give us insight into their pain. Excellent!
This is beautiful. I used to work in labor and delivery. I always said it was the happiest place in the hospital except for when it was sad then it was the saddest place in the hospital. I've seen the scene you described and you got every heartbreaking emotion right. The title is so powerful, even more so after the story has been read.
What a tear-jerker! Your dialogue and detailed descriptions are superb. I love your phrase: God is with you, dont let the silence fool you.
Excellent writing on a difficult topic. The last paragraph was superb. Sniff.
Not sure I can add anything to what's already been said. Heart and gut wrenching, very well written.
Ugh.... wiping tears. Amazing... and amazingly painful. Great job with sucking me in to the very last word!!!
I'm not crying but I do have goose bumps running up and down my arms...God always uses the goose bumps to make me aware of His presence. I did feel a special anointing on this story as I read it. Wow! What more can I say?
Tissues, indeed, you should have said a box full of them! Thank you for a heartfelt and beautifully written story. God Bless. Keep writing.
Very sad story. The emotions came through very well in your writing. I like the ending ... the assurance of even at the worst of times, God is in control.
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and for the Editor's Choice.
God bless you for sharing this emotional and heart wrenching story. A close friend of mine (years ago) went through everything you just described. Within a couple months she was blessed with a healthy little girl. God is good.