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This is so poignant and lovingly written. Your last stanza should have a tissue warning. :) Beautiful work!
This is so rich and full and haunting. What a testimony to what a true marriage can offer.
I hope you have shared this with your loved one.

This is a beautiful poem that really touches the heart. Thank you.
Beautiful poem, so well written. A life well-lived is here in just a few lines.
This is so tenderly written. It reminds me in some ways of the poem "If You Go First And I Remain."
We don't often write verses like this because it seems to smack of melancholy but yours is hopeful and full of love. Very lovely!
What a heartfelt, poignant poem! Lovely writing--well done.
Beautiful. The last stanza really melted me. Wow.
Beautiful! It reflects a topic I've been studying this week, about what is the worst that can happen and allowing God to be there for it.
A wonderful meaningful verse that would be precious to give a spouse for a golden wedding anniversary or some other special occasion.
You have a winner here, Verna! You have certainly expressed for me what I could never hope to say! Beautiful!
Beautiful, especially the last stanza! If only all Christian couples would love this deeply.
This is so touching, so sweet and so right on! What a lovely, lovely love poem. Just wish I would have been able to come up with it first. :)
beautiful. makes me want to go hug my husband. we just celebrated 12 years, and I keep thinking- this will just be a blip when it's been 52, should God grant us that.

not sappy, but emotional. tender, not over-the-top. this really resonated with me. well done.
Now you have me sniffling. We've just celebrated 34yrs this past weekend so this tugged on my heart strings for sure!
You're a testimony of the love God put in your hearts for one another. Thanks for such a witness of true love that runs deeper than anything life can hand out. Blessings!
I love the romanticism in your poem, it is completly enjoyable to me. Thanks for such a high effort!
Of such passionate love expressed within a poem, the strong feelings well expressed of how we love our spouse. All these came through in your writing.
"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, that way I'll never have to live a day without you." Winnie the Pooh

That's what this sweet, heart tugging poem made me think of :-) The flow was so smooth and natural, I felt I was just gliding along!
What a precious poem!
I loved the 'growing old together' tone.
You hit the nail on the head with hear-ing, especially in relation to age. LOVE IT!
Congrats, Verna! I'm so glad to see this wonderful poem recognized!
Heartfelt and beautiful!
Congratulations! Hugs, Rita
Congrats for finishing in the editors top ten. Again a very beautiful poem!
Congratulations, Verna! I knew this was a winner. It's so beautiful. You know it made me cry.
Ahhh...Verna, you made me cry!
This is beautiful!
So much love in this poem. Awesome! Congratulations on your EC!
Dear Verna, your writing is always so full of sweet tenderness, especially this poem. I'd like to steal it! It should be shared aloud at family gatherings, weddings, funerals, all.

I know! Perhaps someone can put it to music. Singers will make it as famous as The Wedding Song by Paul Stookey!
Verna...your gift is right from God's heart. What a blessing to be able to pen such tenderness that leaves us teary-eyed and yet so hopeful!
You know I love you, dearly!!