The Official Writing Challenge
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Wow. Ouch. Hurt toes. :) Hilarious rendition of a writer's plight, indeed. I need to remember that Cheetos's trick!
Those sneaky Austrians indeed!
Ha Ha Ha!! I didn't know you could do that with Cheerios. Oh..BTW, my hip feels fine! *smile*
Your title was a great hook! This was such an enjoyable read.
I find it interesting how we manage to unknowlingly write down things we are hearing around us!
Loved the humor in this piece. :-)
Totally relatable. You've described my best intentions to a tee. :)
So distracted. There's not hope of writing when the music is on - especially The Sound of Music. Very real to life!
Realistic, to the final minute. Enjoyed it very much.
Love, love, love! Cheetos and the Sound of Music...can't believe you were able to pull yourself away :-)

Perfect ending ;-)
Very amusing and realistic. Cheetos for earplugs, very ingenious. I think. But, what if the dog likes Cheetos? Anyways thanks for the read. Keep writing.
This was a great way to start a great day with a hearty chuckle and a mental picture of the cat trying to eat the Cheetos stuck in MC's ears.
Delightful--beginning to end. I could so identify with the distractions.
Three glorious hours to let my muse take over and actually make some progress...famous last words! Oh how you nailed this topic just beautifully!
Great snippet into a writer's challenge!
I enjoyed the read!
I agree, the Cheetos advice threw it over the top!
Very amusing - I thought you were name calling the Austrians at first! The Austrian Alps are glorious, walked them a few times over the years. I'm not as keen on 'The Sound of Music' as some of you seem to be. My wife played the record so much after seeing the film I got fed up of it. The Musical of it has just opened in Birmingham - my wife is dragging me there (don't let on I'm grumbling). No, I'll probably enjoy it!
Mercy, mercy, I REALLY don't need to have any of those inane tunes pursuing me through the rest of today! A delightful dose of distraction
Oh, fun!! I can relate to this SO well. I love absolute silence when I'm writing, because music will ALWAYS affect what I write. Loved this!
Ahhh, the very thing all of us encounter when we are getting down to write—how times fly! A little bit of this and that, a little disruption, and there goes our musing and our story. That's the story of our lives. Great way of putting across what it means by challenges in a writer's life.
LOL! This is wonderful! ...with a great title! I love the way the Sound of Music permeates your writing...and now my brain too! :) LOL. Congrats on your Editor's Choice award!!!!
Congratulations, Jo!!!! Proud of you! Awesome story! Yay for the EC!!!!
This was hysterical. I live alone and struggle with distractions so I can't imagine how people write when they have a whole houseful of them! Very funny and well deserved of your high placement. Congrats, Jo, and of course: WOO HOO
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