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I could relate to the MC's feelings in this piece(except I'm not going to Maui anytime soon).
A great reminder that we do NOT write in a vacuum. I could definitely relate at times to your MC.

Loved the transition. Glad the MC came through... after remembering to pray of course lol. I'm just wondering who the girlfriend was?
Your story is an excellent reminder of how health relates to the ability to write. I liked the husband.
Love your writing. Love your story. Most interesting.
Thanks - Colin
What an accurate description of how depression or even some other disease like Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can so deeply change who we are. I was so afraid that after the dotted lines, the story would be told by someone else because the MC had comitted suicide. I felt my arms tensing up and worry come over me. Even though this could be fiction it could just as easily be non-fiction. You did such an outstanding job with the dialogue and mood, I couldn't tell. Well done.
It's true... we can't write well when we're physically and mentally exhausted. Thanks for reminding us of something we all need to remember about writing... and life in general.
I can understand the part in your story about 'getting paid to do what you love' and 'the feeling of too many expectations' very well. I've gone through that before and wrote about it in my earlier entries. It's like a job is no longer a job if we are doing what we like doing, yet it also means when what we like doing becomes a job (with expectations), it is no longer a joy doing what we like doing. Every writer needs to retreat once in a while to get away from burnout. Your story brings out the truths of a writer's life very well.