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What were you doing in my head, eh? (though I sure can't write poetry like this) I think a LOT of us can relate to this one. This one seemed like it was fun to write.
Besides our faith in Jesus Christ, we are all connected by the procrastination gene. Nice poem!
I enjoyed tagging along with you on this day. I especially enjoyed the coffee, the Scrabble, and the shopping. :) I'm sorry you couldn't finish writing your column. :) [Your ending stanza is perfect… with your added words. ]
Good one! Even I, as a beginner writter, can procrastinate with the best of the Masters!
I felt like I was skipping through the day with you...doing the same things. Well done!
Sounds like this poet had a great day, all except for getting to the writing part of it, that is. Love the last words! :)
Fun poem and a great day. There's always tomorrow!
Isn't it wonderful to have "tomorrow," the hope and redemption of every procrastinator? I could identify with the speaker.
Yes, tomorrow is always there. Your day sounded so enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your day and writer's challenges. Keep writing.
Hope it doesn't happen too often.
Very nice and light. I especially enjoyed the last line.
We all deserve a day off even if there is a deadline to be met. Loved the sardonic humour here. A fun write!
I've had days like this :) Very well written with a good message in the humour.
Ah, procrastination... it's what binds us all together as one. :) So well stated and so true! Good job.
I like the way you wrote this piece! It flows well and gives very smooth reading. Procrastination and a little lack of inspiration usually have us writers restless. You've conveyed this message in your poem very well. It's certainly a precarious behavior that can cost us our jobs as writers!