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Oh boy, what a wet blanket, this poet is! lol. It was fun to get inside the mind of a poet. I don't have the patience to go through that torture:)Cute story/umm poem?
What a fun look at the creative process - and I KNEW that last line was coming, somehow. Creative piece.
Absolutely lovely writing for the process of a poem--a challenge in itself, without a teasing husband.
An enjoyable, well-written piece. Loved the humor at the end.
Love the process and the humor! Oh, and the poem, too!!
Great poem/story, story/poem, story about a poem or ... whatever genre you have here!
I knew trouble was ahead when she was not writing it down! Great piece!
This is what goes on in my head too, and when I finally get that pencil, it has disappeared. Great entry!
This is a perfect reason not to write poetry (although I think you did a great job with it). Just thinking of the process makes me want to take a nap!
Delightful! I could SO identify with being a million miles away . . . and burning something, more likely supper. . . and then losing it all in a moment. Well done!
Very enjyable campfire poetry. Thanks for sharing the creative process, even though it got a bit damp at the end. Keep writing.
Must be one of your best poems!
Oh and I always thought those poems came with ease. It was delightful. I so enjoyed the vivid picture of the husband throwing a bucket of water. Excellent through and through.
A really enjoyable and entertaining piece. Very creative indeed.
We're 100% in tune on this one! (My brilliant ideas hit about 3 a.m. when I don't have a pen and I just KNOW I'll remember...HAH!) Loved this entry. :0)
Gorgeous poem, Vonnie! Wow! I love the progression and your story around the campfire. Super congrats on your ribbon and Editor's Choice!!
Congratulations, Vonnie. I knew this one was truly special!
It's encouraging to see the familiar strategies used in rhyming and counting syllables. What a great and fun piece. Congratulations and God Bless. Nancy
Yayayayaya! So proud of you. Was fun to see how your mind works when writing a poem! Congratulations on your EC!!!!
This was a fun read and helps me understand the whole poetry thing a little more (it's kind of like a foreign language to my brain). Congrats on your win!
Heehee! This cracked me up--because I can relate, just a teensy bit. That's why my interpretation of "poetry" is buried for once in a blue moon. ^_^ Love it, Vonnie! The humor is so nicely done and the pacing is just right--congrats on your EC! ^_^
Very unique and refreshing! No wonder you were given a high rating and a second place ribbon. It was so easy to imagine one's self being there by the fire, while your mind was a gazillion miles away. What a great imagination...Thanks for sharing...Helen