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I loved this piece. Sci fi that is creative and easy to understand is hard to find. Great work.
It is hard to explain a futuristic setting in fewer than 750 words and have it make sense, but you did a really good job of it! The story flowed well, and I liked the humor you threw in there. The daughter searching for a button to activate the book was priceless!
This truly was well done. I agree: SciFi is difficult on any level, and to combine it with a spiritual message along with realistic dialog and settings--just wonderful! Wish I'd thought of it; but I probably wouldn't have done it justice the way you did.
This is wonderful. I found myself a bit confused in the beginning I had to reread the first two paragraphs or so to make sure I knew that Joseph and Dad were the same person.

But once I got past my stumble I held onto every word. I was holding my breath.

I liked the honesty of the last sentence, not likely the most popular way to go, but you stayed true to your beliefs and I give you Kudos for that. Well done.
I like how you created a believable sci-fi setting. I hope our world never gets this way. Great writing!
Sharing God's word in places that forbid the Bible is a challenge. May we be appreciative of the Bible in our hands today!
I always enjoy a good sci-fi, especially one written with the hope of Christ. This one was the best of both. Keep these coming and do us all a favour and make this novel length.