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Wow! Gripping, dramatic, compelling...! This could be a story from the front-page of a newspaper in any town. You have the perfect title (with a dual meaning)! The only time I felt safe (while reading this) was when she was in her sanctuaries. Double wow!
This is a gripping account of a young woman in trouble. Sad to think that others are treated this way, more times than we know.

Well-written piece of work and is set up for a sequel, most assuredly.
A riveting, well-written piece. I could sense the drama and tension. Great job.
oh my heavens! certainly woke me up from my dreamy jaunts through all these bookstores & libraries.

what a great tale and a very fresh take on the topic.

the only eensy weensy reddish ink I have is that I wasn't quite sure why the spacing was set up like it was, which is really a very minor thing.

very well done.
Gripping story. Sanctuary is exactly the right word for library here.

I find I'm short of breath after reading this. How awful. How vivid. I felt like I was looking over her shoulder and experiencing the ugliness.
I like "nice tidy bows" and felt awful that killing him was the only way to get free. However, it is the cold reality of so many abused women.
The power of the written word to empower, equip and to set free.
I'm going to need a bit of a break before jumping into another story.

Marita, I love your writing. Gripping style.

That said, I wasn't comfortable with this story. Not the graphic parts, but the fact that she murdered Jack. I know many women feel that is the only way out, but it is not.

"Although entries do not need to be overtly Christian, they should still reflect a Christian viewpoint of life."
Wow this is so intense. I felt the tears forming almost immediately. You could really do a novel with this story line. I can even see it as a movie on Lifetime or some other network that tells the horrors that happen everyday. Excellent work, it was so vivid.
An entire novel could be developed from this story. Excellent writing!
I, too, was moved by this story. And while I agree totally that women should know other ways of escape besides murder, and that murder is wrong--this story was vividly REAL, and sometimes that is missing from Christian fiction. Perhaps a resolution giving understanding of the consequences of her killing her husband would be the balance. I don't know--I'm sort of torn on that issue. But the story was wonderfully written.
Wow! This is very powerful! I felt myself flinching and holding my breath. So sad that this is a true story for many women.
Excellent writing. I only wish it offered hope, from a Christian perspective. And what, I wonder, will the nosy neighbor do?
Very well written work capturing the readers' attention to the end. This story can be a good start or a plot for the middle of a novel, which hopefully will end on a more positive note like forgiveness and repentance. I'm incline to think conscience will find its way to the MC where 'someone knows' will direct her back to the right path.
This was well written. It had me riveted and wondered if this was an actual event in your life until the murder at the end. Well done.
Amazing. Compelling.