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Ooooo, I love this one. lol. Excellent job and I'd like to read the book within this story. Please?
The title is perfect. I am in awe. Amazing! I, too, want to read the book!
Fantastic writing. Didn't put a foot wrong.
I loved the story too! Celia's novel was so fascinating! And the way Shelia felt so involved in it...I'm sure it would be a story I'd thouroughly enjoy. :) (At least 'till the end, then I'd be sad.)

There was one little thing though, it seemed like you switched from second person to third person (when you said "Sheila nodded", rather than "I nodded").
Other than that, I REALLY enjoyed the story!
oops. I meant that you switched from second person to FIRST person. Sorry 'bout that.
A writer pours so much of him/herself into the story. I, too, was screaming with the editor, "No, you can't KILL him!" But I understand the writer moving on in her life, ending a chapter, closing a book. I think she (well, you) made the right decision. I really liked this. Fantastic.
Masterful writing! A+
Hearty congratulations. Knew this one was going to do well.
Carol, this is fantastic... I LOVED every word! You've skillfully woven this editor's tale. Super congrats on your level placing and Editor's Choice award!
Carol, this is an absolutely wonderful story. Congratulatons!
This was brilliant! I loved, loved, loved it. Now you have me wanting to read the actual novel. And not just the novel, but the complete series. If those novels don't exist, you might just have to write them :-)