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A beautiful story that reminds us to shine brightly in this dark world, pointing many believers to God's light. I loved how you wrote about true people. It really is inspiring. And encouraging. No matter how dark things get, light can always be found if one looks for itor better yet, if one becomes a light himself.
They would be honored by this tribute.
I'm glad to hear this was based on a true story because it touched my heart. I love how God's light can shine in the darkest places. This is very poetic. Great job.
On topic and captivating. Well done.
Excellent! Loved it.
Wow this is absolutely beautiful. You always do a wonderful job, but this piece will touch and change so many You will never know the full impact of these powerful words but they are as limitless as the stars. Congratulations on such an outstanding piece my dear friend.
Such a beautiful story, so well-written and a very well-deserved win! Congratulations!
Very nice writing! Congratulations on the 1st place!
Speaking as someone who shares the same continent, we have just the same seemingly insurmountable problems here. Would that we had fearless and insightful reporting to shine a light in our darkness. Well done on your well deserved win.
Wow, this is so amazing! Well done. You really deserve this recognition. You are such an awesome writer. God has really given you a wonderful talent to be a light through your writing. You rock!
As someone who lives in this very area, and who knows some people like your heroes, I am thrilled at your win, and very moved by your piece. Well done, Joan!
A very beautiful tribute, Joan. Tenderly written and full of meaning. Love the title, too.

Annnnd! First Place! :) :)

Well done on this beautifuly constructed story with a real life angle to it. Your enthusiasm comes through - a well deserved win. (notwithstanding that the accolade is from a somewhat biased husband!)
Every week I am the first one to see the highest rankings, but this week I missed it!!!! Because there was no 'hinting' I thought the results would be out later. What a wonderful surprise and congratulations from (also biased) your biggest fan!!
A beautiful tribute. Congratulations - you deserve this 1st place EC!
Congrats on the double win!!! EC and 1st place. Excellent job!
This is so awesome, Joan! A very well deserved first place win! And an encouragement to us all, when the darkness seems great. Praise the Lord! I repeat, awesome!
What an encouraging story. No matter how dark the night, there are those who faithfully serve the Lord as shining stars. Thanks for introducing us to these amazing shining stars.
Congratulations on BOB for this inspiring story.
Wow Joan! Awesome. I am so proud to have such a sister, with such wonderful insight and wisdom. Nicole says it so well: you rock! Keep going - God is doing great things through your writing.
Joan, you continue to astound me. It is such a privilege to see you consistently growing your special gift. Congratulations on your 1st Place, and keep going!
Wonderfully written. Captivating story. How on time is the arrival of those who bring the good news!! Congratulations!!