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I love how you've very creatively woven these stories. Your final paragraph is great wtih that "a-ha" moment. This is so very well written!
Wow, talk about being absorbed by your own story! Nice twist to realise it was all part of her imagination. Great job!
A story within a story. Excellent! You had me fooled until the last paragraph. That doesn't happen very often. Well done, I really enjoyed this.
This was a delight - intense, engrossing, and at the end, funny. I remember being that kid - only I was homeschooled, so the taunts were dialed back a little and came from siblings and neighborhood kids. If only they really understood...
A very good story with a terrific surprise ending. Keep writing.
You made the "writer's life" exceedingly clear with you story within a story. I loved it.
I did see the ending coming, but it didn't decrease my enjoyment one bit. I often employ this technique when writing, putting myself in the character's place, "feeling" every moment... and writing it down before it gets away.
Well, I didn't see the ending coming and was riveted in this story. Great imagination!
Oops...meant to add that you are not alone in your struggle for these topics. I've been really pushing and even skipped writing on one topic, so good job on this one!
Lots of imagination and exciting read. Congratulations~
Mona, it's wonderful to see this excellent story on the Editor's Choice list! Congrats!!