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Oh, I loved this, still chuckling at her "frosted lacquered rose" nail polish. Could I borrow your muse for this week. You have plenty of inspiration and creativity to share!
On topic for sure, and fun to read.
Ha ha! Wonderful. You have a beautiful way with words.
I'm reading along and my ADD mind is thinking, There's not enough lines left to bring this to a finish. But I hit that last line...and smiled. Mad skills.
Amazing! Your poems always make me smile or think. Wonderfully crafted.
Very entertaining and thought provoking. I also enjoyed the frosted rose nail polish. I loved all the details. Keep writing.
HaHa! That spoiled wife of his is in for some trouble! :D

I love all the different ways he gains inspiration for his writing. And although I was sad that he lost his favorite vase (I was screaming at the wife in my mind, "Don't do it!"), I think the last sentence sums it up perfectly. :)

Thumbs up! (From some currently un-nail-polished hands. ;) )
The only thing predictable about your poetry is that it's consistently stellar. I love seeing your wit and wisdom shine through in every stanza. Another masterpiece!
Absolutely Marble-ous Beth! Though I'd have liked to know the price Kate got for the vase - to solve a long-shrouded mystery. Or "How much does a Grecian urn?"
I loved it. You should place well again.
Well, this Kate would never behave that way--but your Kate is a law unto herself. Your details are exquisitely drawn, the entire piece so artful, the ending just as it should be, although I doubt I could have thought of it. It is beautifully crafted, through and through. How do you do it?? Marvelous work!
I am in awe.
I applaud you again and again. You never disappoint your readers because you always produce A+ material. Another fun and whimsical poem which was enjoyed by this reader.
Maybe now that he's lost his vase, Aristotle could find inspriation in the crackled paint on the steel desk. I'd like to see Kate try and get that down from the attic in the sequel. Great work!
This writing was PROLIFIC!
A marble vase for inspiration! This could be a good piece for the next topic on inspiration/block! Amazing ... you always have a way of putting story into poem.
This had me chuckling all the way through. I especially loved Twas bout a poisoned monarch,
Sayonara In Japan.
and Unmindful, Kate was searching through
Some ads from Trs Chic Store,
So Aristotle worked on his
New novelThird World War.

Such a fun poem. I love it, well done Beffy.
Another winner to delight the heart, in my humble opinion. Your gift constantly amazes me. I stand in awe.
You must put these in a book.. the chorus of HOORAY Beth again gets louder each week! HOORAY BETH!!
Creme de la Creme...says it all.
I'm always in awe of Beth's work.

As I read and chuckled, I wondered what you were looking at while you were writing!! Just enchanting...congrats!
I must add one more HOORAY BETH! You truly inspire! Congratulations!
Congratulations on your EC Beth. Another fun, witty entry crafted with incredible talent!

I love his name and the contrast between the couple. They remind me of my parents - my mother daren't set foot in my dad's dusty study. He knows if she moves just one book!
Well, I have no idea if this comment will be superlative (nor do I have any idea what that even means...!), but I LOVE this entry. Sigh, I've missed reading your poems Beth - such characters, such stories, all wrapped up with incredible form and rhythm. Inspiring... and hilarious to boot.
Do you mind telling me where Kate auctioned off his vase? :) You nailed rhythm and rhyme in such an entertaining way! I enjoyed your word choices also. Congratulations on a job well done!