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This caught me off guard and made me smile, "I think Im going to put a character like Jake in my next story and kill him." :) Fran Klaron's name sounds awfully familiar. :) (I may have read a book or two by someone with a similar name. :) I enjoyed how your story started with the young boy then followed with his adult life.
Knowing that this is based on Frank Peretti's life makes a lot more sense of the two really quite distinct halves. I enjoyed the amorous humour in the second part - made a nice change from so many other stories this week that portray writers as permanently working on the next chapter. Your MC was a lot more human and believable.
Love the name alterations here. Made me grin. Awesome idea, brilliantly executed, as always. Wonderful!
I love the contrast between the first and second half, but I adored the intimate interaction between the husband and wife...
A well written, creative concept!
Refreshing approach to the topic. A very enjoyable read. I liked the way you developed the relationship between the husband and wife. Writer's have other things besides writing in their lives.
Very good take on the topic... writers are people, too. Well done.
A pleasurable read. How true it is for one to be great and at peace so long as he or she is doing whatever it is God has purposed, according to His will.
Really loved the third sentence. I couldn't help but laugh :)