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From the mouth of an unbeliever...
Sorry to say, but so many are following his pathetic example. When they do, Satan wins.
One note, the unit on the left side of a colon must be a complete clause.
Good take on the topic. Love the zeal of the secretary.

This is awsome. I could never come up with it. Excellent.
Original and powerful!
Loved this! I especially liked your aptly-named characters and churches--that subtlety mirrors Satan's deception...small whispers become voiced disbelief, which if left unchecked, become beliefs. So glad your characters looked for Truth and found Him!
I love a good victory story--and this was one. As a secretary, I understand the gal: sometimes it's hard to keep my mouth shut while taking notes during a meeting. Good writing.
Every time I thought I knew where you were going to go with this, you took it someplace else--and that's a GOOD thing! Well done!
Great approach!
The Word of God has stood the test of time - Hallelujah!!!
Interesting account of a proposed attack on it. Thanks.
Oh my! Fancy trying to critique the Word of God. What foolishness man comes up with. Thoroughly great read.
Nicely done; good teaching.

(Only yesterday my mother was remembering a church she attended in California many years ago where the man sitting beside her made comments out loud. When Pastor was teaching about Abraham and Isaac, the man folded his arms, crossed his leg, and declared, "Now that's ONE story I just refuse to believe.") :0)