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I like this take on the topic. Will we ever get to the place where we worry less about what our critics think?
Typo, alter/altar.
Maybe, use truly only once in next to last line.
I could feel the writers anxiety.
I agree with Mona about feeling the writer's anxierty!
You expressed it very well.
You perfectly describe the thoughts we have when staring at the Submit button each week! Love the way you presented this familiar inner turmoil.
Oh yeah, I can relate to this. It strikes so close to home with a writer's emotions. Well done!
Your use of the "Lamb led to the slaughter" metaphor is beautiful here. I love this, "masterpiece....Only to offer it up as a sacrifice
A lamb upon the alter." Everyon on FW can relate to your feelings here. Very nice!
All writers, I'm sure, can relate to the fear of their work meeting approval or rejection (I struggle immensely with it!). I really like how you had added at the end 'for now the writer rests', reminding us that after we've written something we do need to take a deep breath and just relax. Loved the flow of the poem, and I especially loved the creativity of the sacrifice being offered to the wolves, and the question of how it would be received. Great job!
Ah. yes...the "What if?" You capture the feelings of anxiety and worry very nicely here! ^_^
And still we try...for perfections--good article.
Beautifully written. Excellent.