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I enjoyed this. Initially thought it was set in the past - so the end was a delightful twist.
Very clever. Loved your characterization - what a perfect name for the guy! The twist surprised me too. Great job.
I did not 'get' it at first reading. I liked the way the story was building - wondered what was going to happen!
oh wow! :) You took me along for the ride. His careful preparation reminded me of my "manual typewriter" days when it took forever to erase mistakes, so needless to say I was holding my breath as he was retyping that page. :) What a moment you put me in. Loved his manuscript title as well as his name!
I enjoyed it, especially the twist at the end--clever and fun story
I guess you have to have experienced manual typing yourself to fully appreciate this story. I admit, I am one of those who has fearfully typed with one finger to keep from having to either start over or correct the original AND the carbon copy with correction tape. Great writing and a very creative angle on the topic. Glad you chose the "fluff" this week - it was fun!
Great writing, but I was kind of bummed when I got to the end. All that work. I guess that's how it goes. Very creative take on the topic.
Love his name and wow is he faithful to the task at hand!

The dialogue between Joe and Pete is fabulous.

Very fun read. Creative.

Exemplary writing as usual.
Congratulations, Carol, on a well-deserved placing with this excellent piece.
How much we take for granted now we have computers. You took me back to the labour-intensive days of publishing, which required so many separate and specialised skills that took years to develop but which are now obsolete.
Well done and congratulations on your placing
Isn't it great that "fluff" can place, too?!! Well-deserved EC placing! Congrats!
I can certainly see why this one was chosen for an EC. Great job!