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You did a great job describing the different personalities in the cousins and the conflict.

What a find, a box full of manuscripts! I think the girl will give them a makeover and then work hard to get them published in honor of her grandma:)
A really poignant story, and very well told. It brought tears to my eyes; the cousins' scattered emotions, Annabelle's emotional distance from the rest, and her personal reward from her treasured Nana. Just beautiful.
Wow! I had visions of an old Shirley Temple movie that turns out happy!
Beautifully written... loved the relationship between Lillian and Annabelle and the wonderful legacy Lillian left for her. Thank you.
I could see the "vultures" only wanting something of monetary value. Your story of "Li'l Belle" is haunting, yet beautiful. I love your ending.
Heart-warming story of family love--captivated me.
Wow! What a treasure! I could feel her anticipation as she entered her nana's attic.
Very emotional, this piece brought me to tears. What an awesome treasure Annabelle received. Too bad the cousins were totally clueless. Isn't that the sad reality? (hopefully not)
What an awesome treasure for Annabelle. Great writing--I love how you make your characters so alive.
You've presented a great argument for exactly what makes a great manuscript. Annabelle's reactions to "Lillian's Journey" is evidence enough. That which touches most deeply, affecting our hearts is priceless, indeed.
The more I read your stories, the more I love them, You hit this one right out of the ball park! Fantastic!
Lovely story! It speaks much about how different people value different things. This story shows what it means by hidden in the box is a treasure beyond one's wildest imagination!