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I never knew about this, so interesting. Wonderful dramatization of true life, and I loved the way you brought the story forward, first to the child, then to the explanation part.
You taught me something new today, my friend. (I didn't think that was allowed - especially about a Jew LOL) Very compelling storytelling - great descriptions especially.

Great story, as well as an education. thank you.
A delightful way to learn the story behind the story.
Thank you so much for shining the light on this bit of history! A very creative take on the topic. Well done! I am so glad I read this.
Oh, WOW! A marvelously written story, and some important history to learn. Doesn't get much better than that. Thank you.
VERY interesting! Well done... entertaining... and enlightening. And gives NEW meaning to the YELLOW hat: Besides yellow stars, Jews were also required to wear yellow hats at different times in history.
Your title in contrast to the "race" to flee the country is great. I had to smile at the 'Your carriage awaits, my dear.'Hans held out the bicycle and Margret straddled it," What a story, or perhaps I should say, "the story behind the stories." and it's amazing. Loved this!
It's nice to learn the background of a story in such an interesting way. Thanks for opening my eyes to a bit of history!
This is my kind of story... I wish I had written it. You did a good job advancing through time. Well done.
Wow! I didn't know that! I'll read them with greater respect and appreciation from now on.
Thanks for this. I did know this about the authors. Well done.
Not only a great history lesson, but an awesome love story. Thank God not all were lost. Thank you for enlightening us.
Wow- this was really good, Laury. I liked the history lesson but as always, I'm partial to fiction story telling. Very well done.
Hi. :)

You know, it may seem a little thing, but that opening is perfection. I can SEE it.And Margret's response "Of course" just thrills me. And "the carriage awaits you" is a beautiful show of Hans' character.
I love how you ended it as well, with a student who was impacted. So neat.

I am so glad you told this story, Laury.