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I think all writers can identify with William, while others will sympathize with Katherine. Your story drew me in and I felt like I was in the house with these two people. The title is perfect for this piece.
I dare say, william stands guily of Katherines resentment. Well written and intriguing.
oops! I meant guilty.
I was absolutely drawn into this home and scene as the emotions wafted there like visible mists. An incredibly descriptive piece of writing; I was almost breathless until I reached the end, which was perfectly unfinished.
Very well written - her resentment comes across strongly to the reader. I felt her relief when he was finished.
There is so much texture here, from the "Books staggered in untidy piles, leaning drunkenly on the desk" to "A beguiling seductress who had wooed him, and after drinking from her chalice, he had succumbed" Your story is wonderfully creative for the topic. I'm always amazed at your exquisite writing.
I wondered if this was meant to be Shakespeare (couldn't remember his wife's name - though I was pretty sure it wasn't Katherine).

Your descriptions are incredibly vivid and I was totally engaged. I'm so glad i had time to come read this. I have so missed reading your entries.
Wow, the descriptions are so rich! Great story!
wow! This is a winner for me--excellently written. Hmmm wonder if I ever look like a "beleaguered bird" when I'm writing...
Really enjoyed this entry, I love such a "musty" setting! I, too, thought of Shakespeare
I enjoyed this well-written piece. Such great descriptions and interesting word choices. Great job!
So rich with all the ingredients that make a good read and story - what with character, setting, dialogue. I can't help but wonder if Katherine was somehow more inspirational to Williams' works than she might have otherwise thought. I think she was, however, it might be she'd need wait to read the final manuscript to see for herself.
Another winner in my book! Doesn't this truly describe in exquisite detail how intense writers become? I absolutely was enthralled with this piece. So well done!
this was a beautiful piece. as others have said- engaging & vivid. a very solid piece of writing. I did sort of expect to learn who William was but the story holds its own even if William is just a William. And as for the mistress-- captured so well- it's often how I feel when my husband is enamoured with a new project (like re-building a cottage).

I have no red ink, sorry, my pen is either dry or you've just done extraordinarily well. methinks it the latter.
This is very well written, you have totally earned your masters.

I couldn't find anything to mark in red, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Very descriptive and well written. I really enjoyed the read.
Very evocative setting with very well-drawn characters and realistic emotions and dialogue (I loved how Katherine tested his concentration by so casually mentioning a trip to China!)
Brilliant work.
Congrats on your EC placing. Well-deserved for this lovely piece.
Wow this was a delightful trip into another time. It was an enjoyable read from beginning to end.