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Thank you for this beautiful read. I was drawn in by the MC's search for peace and it was interesting how you incorperated history into the story. I love your Christian message. Very well done!
You've painted a vivid setting with the Hebrew words and with the precariousness of life there. The peace of Savta and her message shine through this wonderful story.
This really is wonderful! Evocative of the times, and the internal struggle of one being drawn to the Messiah by the Holy Spirit. Moving and well-written.
Wonderful writing as usual.
Reverently told.
A really good sense of place and history here.

I LOVE the bible verse you chose for this piece.
Very real and very well written... I have been to the Shrine of the Book (and many other significant places in Israel) so could "see" your story unfold. (I was in Israel the week of the Rosh Ha'ir bombing.)
This is outstanding. I love the descriptions, the way you wove the message in, and the manner in which the story unfolded.
What a time for me to be reading this, my mom and I just had a very similiar discussion this morning!

Very nicely done in showing the power of the Word itself. And I loved the Israel setting!
Historical fiction is my favourite reading and you trumped it by incorporating a Christian message into it.
You weave history together so well with your story, and I learned a great deal by reading this! Intriguing take on the topic with a moving ending. Very good job!
Wow Joan!

You always bring meat to the table

Well deserved.

I brag that I have the shortest attention span. But this one kept me in my chair.
Congratulations on a your well deserved win. This piece has so excellently wrapped emotional and spiritual issues in with solid historical fact ... with the outstanding final message. Just awesome!
You've covered so much in such a short space; and amid the hateful insanity that seems to infuse people's attitudes and actions, you have closed with a beautiful sense of hope.
Congratulations on your well-deserved EC placing! Wonderful story.