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Three little boys playing ball and a cookbook manuscript! Who but you could throw these two things together and cook up such a yummy comedy situation? Totally engaging and delectable.
Oho!Aha! Hehe! This is delicious. I love it.
LLOOVVEE this! SOOO glad I happened to pick this one to read this evening. What FUN!!
Great story! So much fun to read. You chose the perfect words.
Another fun-filled entry that brought a smile to my face. God has certainly blessed you with gifts of imagination, rhyme, humor and the creativeness to put them all together for our pleasure.
This was a delectable treat!
Great, great fun!
This gives a whole new meaning to the umpires call, "Safe at home!" There was no play at the plate, obviously. What a delightful read.
I am totally in awe of the talent displayed here. What a marvelous piece of writing: just the right amount of action, whimsy, suspense, wit, and wisdom. I love it!
You make me happy, Beth! :)

Just YUMMY and DELIGHTFUL all the way through. So glad you're here to share your gift.

Perfect ending. (perfect beginning. perfect middle.)
How DO you think of these things? And then put it all together so cleverly? Another winner... at least in my opinion.
Very fun read & very creative. Great job.
Ahhh, what a fun tale! Poor Auntie. As an aunt of seven rough and ready nephews, I can relate :-). Masterfully done as always!
Ooooohhhh...I'd be a bit less forgiving. Thanks for the smiles. (as always)
I'm always amazed by the way you write stories into poems! Such a delightful read with Three Lads and a Cookbook Manuscript! (",)
Another winner from your pen! You have such amazing talent.
You hit a homerun. Delightful, on topic, great characters and so very well-written.

Wow, what an amazingly creative take on the topic! Those boys are in TROUBLE... and so is anyone who buys the cookbook! :) Masterfully crafted, as always, and very fun to read--well done!
Heartfelt Congratulations on your EC, Beth!
Congratulations, dear Friend, on placing with this delightful whimsy. I love your amazing winning streak!
Hahaha! I loved the ending lines with the missing ingredients. So funny. How you come up with this stuff week after week baffles and amazes me. It's the reason why you get Editor's Choice awards week after week.

One thing's for sure, if there is a creative (and hilarious) spin to be placed on a topic then Beth will deliver. :)
As usual Beth, you've cooked up a great story. From my baseball days I recall stealing home base, but who would have thought of stealing one from an aunt's kitchen? Terrific - again!
Hardly know what to say. AMAZING!!! Hope I get to meet you someday. :o)
Congrats again for your EC placing, Beth! This was another delicious serving of your delectable work!