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Beautifully written.
A refreshing take on the topic. I really enjoyed this!
Brilliant and well-written. I enjoyed this... thank you.
This is a powerfully written story. I am amazed and challenged by Wycliffe's statement, "If it is Gods work it will not burn though the flames leap high. If it is my task aloneit is only ashes.
I hope this work of art gets first place, because it was really that good! I enjoyed the suspense you gave when you had the guy thinking the translator a fool, but then had him saying he himself was a fool as he read the manuscript. I soaked up every word you wrote, waiting to see what would happen to the Bible. Not one sentence in your story bored me, but I especially loved the last sentence. The way you incorporated that sentence in the title just made the story that much better. Simply genius! Excellent work.
Well done, I could feel the flame of Wycliffe's passion and your thesis that the fire would never be put out until what God had called him to do was finally done.
this was yummy for me, a good read morsel. You brought this piece of history to life in a believable and beautifully composed way.

one eensy weensy super tiny quibble. "And I was a stupid man too." I think you need a comma between man & too.

wow. nice job.
This read as so authentic. Love how you ended this - and every word before it.
This was good, just the right amount of trepidation on the readers part. So glad he gave in and decided to read it.
Wow... I was drawn in to stand beside the fire and watch the scene unfold. Beautifully written.
Extremely well written. Kept me engaged all the way through. Nice job.
Congratulations on first place, Melanie!!!
What a deserving 1st place Melanie. Absolutely beautifully and powerfully told. The last line is haunting. Congratulations!
Melanie, Super congrats on top honors for this amazing story!'s so well-deserved!
This work felt more like fact than fiction. You did an excellent job taking historical facts and weaving them in with a fictional story that is every bit as believable as the history itself. There's a reason you placed #1 overall for this topic! Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece! :)
Congratulations on a well-deserved first place for this emotion-packed, excellently written piece.
Just Outstanding. WOW. I was caught up this. Marvelous.

What a gift.

HUGE Congratulations, Mel.
A well-deserved first placing, for your grasp of detail in setting your story and how you have placed and described your characters. Thank you for invitind us into this beginning of God's light breaking through the blinkered gloom of that 'error' of history.
Congratulations on first place EC! Awesome story, awesome work of writing.
Wow, this was such a joy to read. Thanks.
Excellent. Well deserving of the first place nod.
This is beatiful!
Congratulations. You told the story so well.