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Loved this piece.
Bravo! This is an AWESOME romance! I could feel this author's emotions, especially "when the shadows stone house and the rose bush were gone." Heartbreaking line. What I want to know - was the "improved" novel sold??
This is so wonderful. Your love for your work is quite apparent. It is so true how characters have a mind of their own. Only writers seem to understand that at times it is impossible to change them without losing them forever.
I especially appreciated your descriptions of the different types of responses one receives when asking someone to read and give feedback. Lovely writing.
Oooh! I wondered if this was you. Gorgeous.
A special entry.
I love it!
Very tenderly, reverently written. Love that line about the corsage.

Such a satisfying read.
Wow, I could totally identify with this, that's what made it so enjoyable for me. It was a blessing to read. Thanks.
This is so masterfully written from your beginning when the reader tries to figure out "who" the loved one is, and then your love made me care for the one loved too! you pulled a lot of emotion from this reader. Now, can you change it back?
Beautiful!... And ain't it the truth!
Congratulations, Carol, for your well-deserved EC for this wonderful story.
It's still beautiful and well deserving of an EC. Congratulations.
I love the gentle pace of this story - the way it unfolds a little like a "Dear John" letter. This is so cleverly written and so deserving of an EC! Congratulations!
Carol, I was so excited to see this wonderful story receive and Editor's Choice... super congrats, girl!
Amazing. Oh, this one made me smile and tear up almost as the same moment. Lovely. Congrats on your win!
Very clever.
Really enjoyed this. This is the kind of story that inspires a writer to write. Great job! Congratulations.
Loved, loved, loved this. It is true that characters do have a life of their own and the very worst thing you can do as a writer is to try to change your character to fit into the expected mould.
Thanks for this beautiful story.