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Just glancing through this week's entries and the title grabbed my attention. I'm so glad I stopped to read it.
This is sooo good on so many levels. Love it with a passion, wish I had written it. The atmosphere you created is dynamic and the characters so wonderful!

I was drawn right into the story. I felt the indignation when the authors words had been changed so radically.
I loved this! There was so much truth here.
Just fabulous!!
Wonderful atmosphere. I really felt like I was there and could see and hear it all.
Love the details you always include. You have a gift, girl!
Superb! My stomach ailed me somethin fierce when that publisher, he done change all a Henry's words!!
This was such a great story. I loved your characters and it is spot-on topic. Awesome!
What a fun story! The editing definitely didn't improve the book... in fact, it sapped all the life and reality out of it. Very enjoyable to read... great job!
I absolutely love this one! The dialog is outstanding, and I agree with his friends - that publisher ruined his book. I hope he got his original manuscript back.
It's sad how much our rules can take the life out of something - I like the original version of the book much better! Great story!
Love the first sentence! And my other fave phrasing was "sullied by the vulgarities"-- gems :)

I also liked the interpretation of the theme. Nicely done.

I was totally immersed in your colloquial dialog. I had to smile at what happened to Henry's stories at the hand of the editor (. "cordially hailed her, 'Hello! Fine day!'" LOL!) and I was sad at the same time. I WANTED a copy of his stories!!
Wow! I am inspired and encouraged. Thank you.
I just read it again and I still found myself hanging onto every word even though I remembered the ending. That is why it won a well-deserved EC.
Ann, Congrats on your Editor's Choice... I hope we still get "the original version" of your MC's stories sometime! :)
Especially loved the word pictures in your opening description and the stories your MC told. His voice and word use were so real.
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 in your level and in the top 30 overall.
Congratulations! Wonderful dialogue. I would have liked to have thrown the editor in with his refined book but guess that wasn't an option. Good job!
Perfect title. I'm sorry this editor just didn't get it; Henry's original "vulgarities" were much more picturesque. What a gift you have indeed. Congratulations!
And I guess the editor would describe Noah's flood as "occasional showers!" Love the integrity of the characters and how they relate with each other. I enjoyed your description of the laborious writing process. Sadly the book only ended up warming their bodies instead of their hearts. A great entry.
I just loved this as you so defined a mountain man and his buddies. Storytellin' in Missouri sounds jus' li' dis.
We're a'meanin' to do better'n than them thar other folks ou'n yore neck of the woods.
Purdy darn talented one ya are! Dad-nab-it...I thank'ye thar Anne for a mighty good read...