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This was inspiring as it points out that our lives are influenced by others--and in this case, so glad the positive words of the teacher stayed with Darcy and helped her through her dark moments.
I love reminders of how Christian teachers in public schools make such a big difference. Awesome story! Your descriptions of Darcy were perfect.
Wow this is intense. I can relate to Darcy. Thank God there are people out there who care.
Great story, intense and uplifting.
Loved this! Gave me goosebumps and I even googled to see if Estelle North was a "real" person! :) :)
I'm so glad Darcy's story had a happy ending! Your characters are very well-drawn and believable, and their story is beautifully written. Well done!
Wow, I love stories of hope like this. It helps one see the difference their life can make on others. A beautiful story. Thanks.
I'm like Holly...this one gave me "goosebumps"! Wonderful piece of writing and hope! For me, this was a winner for sure!
Oh, your heart-warming story is filled with hope. What a great tribute to the public school teacher who at times feels constrained in not being able to say what they believe. You've masterfully (and skillfully) tied all the elements of this together.
Very well written. I always love the way you develop characters with such a limited number of words--something I can learn from. Good job.
A light in the darkness leading a northern star to a journey of hope and freedom! That’s the kind of story that warms hearts. A very well crafted story from the pen of a seasoned Christian fiction writer.
Congratulations in placing in the top 30 overall.
Is this fiction? Non-fiction? Hard to tell because it is that believable. I agree that the way you described Darcy made it easy to picture her. This was an inspiring read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)