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As soon as I read the words okra slime I knew I was going to enjoy this.
Love this one:) Very cute. Very out of the box, not to mention - romantically funny:)
Loved this! Very cleverly written, with loads of humour. I love the way she actually won him over with her words and womanly wiles in the end. Still smiling!
Cleverly on topic and a great tribute to our adorable womanly attributes :)
Really liked the wife's "coyness".
Really fun to read! Clever and creative. Great voice.
What a fun read! I wonder how Barry and Gertie ever got together? Oh, Gertie's a sly one, that's for sure! Loved the characters and the story. Great job!
What a fun story! "Slick as okra slime" - classic! That's a laugh-out-loud good simile that made me want to read more. I'm assuming the wife is a romance writer, and a good one at that. Love it. :)
"Slick as okra".....that line was something! :-) Great piece
This was cute, although her writing style would have made my husband gag. LOL
This is wonderful! My sympathies did a 180 about half way through. ...and the mayo on the hair was hilarious! (although, I may have to try it) :)
Loved that first line -totally set the atmosphere. Great story.
I love your creativity and your crafty MC too. What a fun read.