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I enjoyed the progression of the MC's attempt to "craft" his letter. Sad to say, with texting, emails, twitter, etc., old-fashioned letter writing is becoming a lost art. This story brought a smile to my lips--thanks.
This is wonderful. I can imagine your character adjusting to computers. It left a smile on my face.
I enjoyed the progression to technology and had a smile along the way.
Nice story.
I was confused at first read, thinking that perhaps there was a time lapse, and now the father had dementia.
Your story raised a question in my unstable mind... When done with a pen our craft is called "Writing". When done with a computer wouldn't it be called "Tapping"?

Loved your entry.
I really like this one. The historical lesson on the pen was especially interesting! The MC's perseverance and willingness to try something new, despite repeated setbacks in his writing, was a double-edged look at the "craft".
Loved the entire mood of this story. Very warm and gentle setting. Especially liked your ending. Left me with a smile.:)
Too funny. Loved the different writing utensils and the attitude of the MC.
I was a bit confused as at the beginning of the story the MC seemed to know what he was doing (actually writing and said he had learned to write that way) but before long his son was showing him how to use the pen? Perhaps I am missing a jump in time that occurred? I liked the use of imagination and humor in this piece. (It sounds quite difficult to use an 'old-fashioned' pen).
It's hard enough to progress from one version of software to a later version. But to start with a quill pen... Kudos to Benjamin for being willing to learn, and persevering despite the setbacks. He'll be using a computer in no time! Great story--very inventive!
A very creative twist...but now you see why I have a problem with all this newfangled computer stuff...I'm that OLD...(well not quite).
Great writing. You've inspired me to go light some candles, grab my laptop and start my own manuscript. Thanks for the initiative.
I had to smile at "your essence is on fire!" :) The transition to the "new typewriter" and the process to get there was great entertainment! :)
Very funny. So glad they didn't give up, I'd love to see what happens if they attempted to to a PC.
I loved the banter between father and son! I could fully picture this scene. Nicely written!
Nice humor in this. I especially liked the logic about advantages to writing by quill and found myself thinking it might be a good way to write.