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I always enjoy a re-telling of scripture stories! I wasn't sure that the section dealing with Esther at the beginning added anything to the rest of the story. The section on Haman was effective - the lifting of the chin to show pride.
A great job in taking your reader into another time and place. I liked the fact that your narrator's opinions come through in the story.
You have a story that needs to be finished. You're free to use lots more words now. Very nice writing.
Oh, I LOVE this. It's always been a favorite story of mine, and not only because of Esther's courage... I love the irony in this story with Haman and Modacai.

The only "red ink" would be to maybe add in some more "unknowns" to add to the Biblical account. But I did love this, non the less.
Esther's been a favorite of mine too, I enjoyed your story and your detail to give this depth. (Your hint was a little easier to follow this week.) :)
You've brought the story to life through your MC's comments and your descriptive style. Very enjoyable for its clarity and humour.
Very "rich" retelling of this story. Good pace too!
Love stories told in present tense - not an easy thing to do, but you've managed it so well here. Everything from setting to dialogue was very real and the story, as always, timely...maybe that's why the writer chose the present tense.
You did such a good job filling in details but keeping true to the Word.
Many wrote on Revelation, but Esther (a favorite) is refreshing and well done.